Thursday, September 01, 2011

A knit A Week

More Socks!

These socks were made for walking . . .

Check out my matchy-matchy pooling on these babies.
Cool huh?!

Modeled by Princess #1.
Yes, my 11 year old and I wear the same size.
She's gonna be tall like her Daddy methinks.

Pattern:  Artichoke Socks

Yarn:  Jill Draper's Splendor Sock in the Yarmouth colorway

Verdict:  These socks have been a royal pain.
I started them at Sock Summit, which apparently made
my guage funky.  However, I didn't realize that
Sock Summit knitting affected my guage til I got into the
second sock.  The colors of the yarn pooled
completely differently!! UGH!
So I ended up cutting off (literally, gulp) the cuff of the
first sock (since it refused to be unraveled nicely),
putting the live heel and foot stitches onto a holder and
re-knit the cuff.  It came out looking just like I wanted, phew.
Then using the Kitchener stitch, I joined the new
cuff with the live stitches from the foot.
And . . . it worked!!
Hurry up Fall weather.  I need to wear some woolies!!

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