Monday, June 27, 2011

One For the Frog Pond

I decided early on in my latest knitting project to turn a blind eye to what common sense was telling me.  I mean, I was spot-on for gauge, so what if the baby sweater appeared to be growing in width rather than height.  I continued on because darn it, this was my mindless knitting project, my reward for completing a lacy scarf out of over 400 yards of fingering weight yarn, this little sweater was my sanity saver.

However, today as I laid it out on the school table in preparation of adding sleeves, I opened my eyes and began to laugh, because surely this was a joke from the knitting gods.  The shape was supposed to be boxy, but this little baby sweater for a three month old, would have fit my 2 year old for width!!!  Yikes.

Common sense took over.

I began to frog.

And frog.

I told the girls it was rather ironic that taking apart a sweater only takes about 15 minutes as opposed to the solid week I've knitting I had already put into it.

I hated to do it, but it is for the best.

Sometimes taking things down to the beginning is important.  Sometimes rebuilding, or in this case, re-knitting, is the best action.  Sometimes, you've got to start from scratch, even if it hurts to take it there.


Bird said...

Is frogging like tinking on steriods? Either way, it stinks!

Castle Diaries said...

You got it! There was no tinking with this one!! :) The yarn, I am happy to report, is much happier in it's new pattern.