Wednesday, May 04, 2011


PRINCESS #1 is a . . .

* voracious reader

* faithful friend

* daughter of the One Most High

* responsible brother watcher

* creative creator

* lover of shoes

* gentle big sister

* giver of wonderful back scratches

* excellent scholar

* delightful dessert maker

* fast and furious bicyclist

* knitter

* wonderfully sweet daughter

Eleven years ago, we were blessed here at the Castle by the birth of our first born.
A daughter.
Thankfully, she broke us into parenting gently, however, her presence
rocked our little world of two.
We are eager to see what the "Judy Blume" years have in store for 
our sweet princess.  We know that she will continue to
grow ever in grace and beauty because of Who
she holds dear in her heart.

Happy 11th Princess #1.  You are dearly loved, Bugga.

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