Saturday, February 12, 2011


The Prince turned two yesterday.  Two, two wonderful two.  One of my absolutely favorite ages!!

He ended his day with a wonderfully stereotypical temper tantrum!  However, the age two doesn't scare me nearly as much as three, so I chalked his melt up to too much birthday! {grin}

Here are some things that we find TOO cute about our guy:

--he loves trucks.  
[We cannot stress this enough. 
Trucks are where it's at.]

--he loves to be outside.

--he loves to talk and sing.  
[You can even understand them for the most part now.]

--he loves to do whatever big sisters are doing.
[And that means "tool" too (school)!]

--he likes to arrange mama's hair into a pillow before 
snuggling in for a rock before bed.

--he still likes to have his head under mama's chin too-
for reading or cuddling.
[The Queen is pretty sure that this demonstrates 
he still has fond memories of trying to 
dislocate her rib cage with his head while in utero!]

--he loves to play chase.

--he loves to help and is a great grocery unloader!

How did we do life without him?  
I'm not quite sure anymore. 


Mama J said...

It's when they can start "talking back". That's the age that scares me! :)

Castle Diaries said...

Yes and amen Mama J!!