Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Knit A Week

Birthday Knits Galore!!

As you know, we here at the Castle love books, some
might even call us "book-alcoholics". {grin}
Now imagine my giddiness in finding
 a sweet book with beautiful illustrations
 complete with knitting patterns in the back!
I know, right???
This is exciting stuff, my friends!!

This is Phoebe mouse wearing her knitted dress!

 This is Phoebe's sweater to match Princess #3's sweater.
(Pardon the crazy flash that makes the color weird.
It's actually the color of the following photos.)

 Phoebe just opened!

Princess #3 and Phoebe all bundled up!

These are knit from the patterns found in the book
Phoebe's Sweater
by:  Joanna Johnson and illustrated by her husband, Eric Johnson
They have their own little publishing company that I
discovered through my favorite knitting website Ravelry.
They have a second book out called
Freddie's Blanket that I am eager to purchase and
knit from as well.

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Kelli said...

so cute! You are amazing and talented!!! :)