Friday, February 04, 2011

He Totally Gets Me!

A conversation I had with my beloved today.

King:  Going slummin' today?

Queen:  What?

King:  You're wearing store-bought socks, instead of your $100 hand-knit ones.

Queen:  Oh, yeah, guess I am slummin'. {grinning}
                . . . Pausing mid-grin, "Wait, you mean the cost of all the time it takes to                         make socks right?"
{worried that he might be making a veiled reference to the cost of her sock-yarn-habit, and forcing her to explain that you really can't put a cost on one's sanity.}

King:  Yep.

Queen (thinking):  He loves me.

1 comment:

Bird said...

Not often you meet (or marry) a guy who understands addictions so well. :)