Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Overheard At Bedtime

Princess #3 (yelling after goodnights): Daddy! Mama!
Queen's side note: {A risky move at the castle, as there is the potential to lose a stuffed animal for pestering parents after bedtime.}

King: What's going on?

Princess #3: I can't find my pink bunny.
Queen's side note: {And it's no wonder, in her bed is every stuffed animal she owns!}

King: (flipping off her covers to find the pink bunny) Did you know that you have Buzzy in your bed?
Queen's side note: {Buzzy is our very alive, not stuffed (yet) cat, gigantic black cat.}

Princess #3: NO!! How'd he get in there??
Queen's side note: {I do wonder how long he would have lasted in there, with all her friends and whatnot.}

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