Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How We Homeschool With A Toddler v.2

Now this only works if you have a willing big sister.
The Prince is lucky.
He has three big sisters. All willing.
Well, most of the time. {grin}
Homeschooling with a busy toddler is not
for the non-caffeinated.
It is a challenge to keep him occupied and happy.

Homeschooling with a toddler means lots of
after-school surprises, like finding cd's jammed
in the crack between the wall and the trim.
Matchbox cars exploring gravity in the toilet.
Puddles of water, well, anywhere.

But . . .

If Princess #3's interest in and ability to catch on
is any indication, more is caught
than taught.
And that right there, makes me grit me teeth,
pull out my *special* matchbox car retrieval tongs,
and just keep on.

Learning some fractions with biggest sis,
while holding littlest big sis' kitty cat.

Home Ec 101
Washing the potatoes, while biggest sis peels.

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