Tuesday, December 07, 2010

At Second Glance

When I have a chance to sit down and obsess, a lot of what I choose to obsess about is asking the "why's". Why did that have to happen that way? Why am I dealing with this particular situation?", and on and on goes the pity parade.

I think asking why can be healthy . . . in moderation. It can bring me round to the point of recognizing God's hand or provision in a particular instance that I need to thank Him for. It can bring me to my knees, reminding me that I am not in control. It can bring me peace resting in a perfect, bigger, albeit, invisible plan for my life that has been promised (by the ultimate Promise-Keeper), to be good.

That brings me round to Princess #3. She is often a source of "whys". Last night, some very dear friends inadvertently or maybe vertently {grin} encouraged me by giving me one answer to a why concerning her. As I explained a tiny bit about our evening routine, they commented that I was showing compassion to her, and that she will remember that compassion.

Hmm. Compassion.

I've been pondering that thought since. I don't feel particularly compassionate as we are doing the evening routine (or any other quirky ritual). Mostly I feel relief that it worked and we had a peaceful episode or ending to the day. However, my heart has been softened so much for other parents who have spirited children. We have been often told that our daughter is strong-willed and we should be "taking care" of that attitude. And while that may be true, with that diagnosis there is no grace, dare I say compassion, for the very, real struggles that my child has in making her God-given temperament mesh with her world. To that end, I think my friends are right and that has been such an encouragement to me.

Why do I have some of the struggles I do with this sweet girl?

Because God wants me to learn how to be compassionate to the passionate {grin} in my life!!

You ladies know who you are. Thank you for blessing me with your wisdom and perspective on my life.

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