Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sometimes when things get a wee bit chaotic in the castle, the Queen insists that the "quiet game" be played. As in no talking, no bodily function noises (occurring naturally or otherwise), until time is up, whoever stays quiet, wins {my undying thanks is the reward, which they know, but I think they always hope it will be something they could eat or hold {grin}}.

So yesterday when I couldn't hear myself think, again, I started the quiet game.

The King and I talked for awhile uninterrupted-a little taste of heaven, I tell you, when I overhear this little gem:

Princess #2: Is the quiet game over yet?

Princess #3: YOU LOSE!!

{If she knew how to use the word "buzzinga", I swear she would have, because it was a "buzzinga" kind of moment.}

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