Friday, November 19, 2010

Babywearing Tip

I like to wear our babies, especially on my back in the mei tai now that our littlest one is not so little. When he is sick, as he has been all this week, I wear him more often in order to keep the moany-groanies away. That leads to my tip for today: Check your shirt front and back after wearing a snotty nosed little one.

It will save you from embarrassing conversations with well-meaning strangers. Not unlike the one I had today.

In the check-out line at Costco this morning, a nice older woman pointed out that the back of my black shirt was sporting a lovely white crusted streak extending from shoulder blade to shoulder blade. Of course, I wasn't wearing the boy then, didn't even have the sling on, so trying to explain was pointless. So I thanked her, and (surreptitiously) unbound my ponytail, hoping that my hair would be long enough cover the babywearing badge of honor, and made for the door.

There, I hope that I have spared you an unfortunate event.

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