Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am exhausted. It's that plain and simple. If you're a mom, recall that feeling you have those first few weeks of having baby home. That's how I feel now.

Over two weeks away from home, away from routines, away from your own comfy bed, co-sleeping when you'd rather not, on top of traveling for days and days will do that to a mama.

And instead of finding rest now that we're home, it's post-trip/cousin/over-stimulation detox time for the Royals. Time to do chores again. Time to get school going again. Time to follow up with consequences to actions that mama had to let slide while on the road. Time to obey the first time. Time to eat together as a family unit again (ruh-roh better eat all those veggies, mama's watchin'!).

Maybe next week I'll find time to rest.

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Kelli said...

Take some time for you...have a cup of tea and read your fave book...eat some twinkies :) or just hide in the closet (works for me!). Next week...starbucks? Time for "Mommy Time" for us all!
btw...love your new background...I almost had this one too!!!