Monday, May 10, 2010

Spell What??

Princess #3 has been enjoying being a part of a preschool age singing group at our church the past couple of months. They worked hard on several songs to sing for Mother's Day. When I asked her what songs they were going to sing she told me the titles of two songs I was familiar with and one that left me perplexed after she described it like this: "It's a song about God and dogs and how they are spelled the same and are the same and dance and stuff like that. That's why I have to bring a stuffed dog to church on Sunday Mama."
Suffice it to say, I was interested to hear that last one!! And imagine my surprise when it was this little gem. She knows the words by heart and now so do I. I think you'll be blessed.


Mark said...

I showed the video to Eli and he was really excited each time the dog showed up on the computer!

Castle Diaries said...

#4 loves the dog too. Says "ff" (woof) everytime he sees it. These two boys of ours are going to have so much fun together!! :)