Monday, March 01, 2010

Science Lesson

Princess #2 is taking an awesome class at our homeschool co-op called "God's Unique Creatures". She loves animals, and learning about unusual ones or unusual skills an animal may have rocks her world. Last week she learned all about the wonders of the earthworm, which she was eager to impart to her big sister who is completely grossed out by worms.

Princess #2: Hey Princess #1, I found a worm and it's breathing on me!! (said while shoving the palm of her hand with the worm into her sister's face)

Princess #1: That's disgusting! Put it down!

Princess #2: No really, you gotta feel it breathe on your skin.

Princess #1: What are you talking about?

Princess #2: Earthworms breathe through their skin. So it's breathing all up and down it's body right now. I think I feel it's hairs.

Princess #1: Worms don't have hair!! Put it down!! Moooooommmmm!!

Princess #2: They do too! The little hairs help them move. Isn't that cool?!? (now holding the worm up for closer inspection-while Princess #1 begins to gag)

Queen: Okay, time to put the worm back in his home. How about my garden by the porch?

Princess #2: Okay. Mama, did you ever think that I would know so much about worms when I was this age.

Queen: No, I can honestly say I really didn't.

Princess #1: Wash your hands, puh-leeese!!

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