Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess #3!!

Princess #3 turns five today. FIVE!! I can't really believe it myself.

Dear Princess #3-
You love to hear your birth story, so here it is, so you can read it one day.

Five years ago, I stopped Daddy from going to work, by telling him, "I think my water broke a few hours ago. The contractions aren't very strong though." Then I called Nanny and stopped her from going to work, so she could come over and watch your big sisters. Once she arrived around 7 or so, we drove over to the hospital. The contractions were getting stronger, and I was getting excited to meet you.

Once we got settled into triage, my mid-wife joined us and confirmed that yes indeed, you were on the way-even though you were 26 days early--no going home for us! Whoo-hoo! We moved down the hall to a *real* room and waited.

And waited. And paced. And waited. And talked. And joked about how this would be our last solo date for awhile. Then around 1 pm or so, the contractions started to pick up the pace and become harder and longer. We walked through them and then began to breathe through them. Finally at 6 pm, I couldn't walk through them any more-so I soaked in the tub through them, and they stopped. Not altogether, but enough to cause alarm for your mama, I was ready to meet you!!

After a lot of checking and turning, my mid-wife decided that you had turned face-up. She helped us get labor going again-yay! Then at 8:45 pm I was ready to push and half an hour later there you were. Crying, face-up, umbilical cord slung over your shoulder, BEAUTIFUL! My mid-wife's first words were, "Look at that cleft chin! She is gorgeous!"

I got to hold you all slippery and perfect. And saw that you had the deepest dimple in your left cheek and just the whisper of one in your right to go with that cleft chin! So cute! I nursed you and then let the nurse check you over. You needed a bit of oxygen, seeing as you came out upside down, but Daddy was right there with you. When you cried he talked to you, and I watched you turn your head towards his voice. You knew him already!

And now you are five and wonderful and wise, as only five year olds can be. We love you. Just the way you are. You are ours. God made you for us and us for you. What a blessing. We are excited to watch and help you grow to be more like Him every day.

Happy Birthday sweetheart.
Mama and Daddy

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Jordan said...

How beautiful. I LOVE birth stories, and this one definitely brought tears to my eyes :)