Thursday, October 22, 2009

Five Little Kittens

I'll take this post to more formally introduce you to the castle's brood . . . we think three of them are girls and 2 are boys, but I'm no expert!!

We call these two little gals "the twins"

or Mrs. Sarah's babies, since they already have a home.
This guy is my favorite, black nose, dark ears and stripey tail.
This guy has so many names and he's the biggest, so it's either Mr. Fatso, Mr. Bombastic, or Moto Moto. He's got a black nose, darker ears and a stripey tail.

This one we lovingly call Miss Screampot. If we need Willow to come back to the box we just pick her up and her mews call that mama back super quick!!
We still have the little girl above and a little boy left . . . which little boy I don't know yet either Mr. F or my fav. And of course if you want an older kitty, Willow needs a good home too. Hint hint!! They are awfully sweet and oh so cute!! Please . . .

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