Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise

So Princess #1 is starting to show her age. She is developing an avid interest in all things tweener-something I can remember and relate to. She is trying to figure out what all the hoopla is about things that other friends find important and I can appreciate that. To that end, I am trying to keep an open mind when she asks if she can watch, "iCarly" or "That's So Raven", or my all-time favorite, "Suite Life", basically anything that the Disney Channel is trying to sell her age demographic on. (Any sarcasm read, was implied.) I'm impressed that she's not buying into all of it, it proves she has enough common sense to navigate her slice of the world with both eyes open.

My parents have given her a subscription to Clubhouse magazine, (which I heartily recommend). She devours it! My favorite column is "High Voltage", where kids can write in and ask questions about popular books, music/music groups, movies, etc. The reply they get is Christ-centered without judgement. Excellent!!

I am coming to a point, honest.

Well, today as she was helping me with apples, I asked if she wanted to choose the Pandora station. She wanted to know if she could listen to Jonas Brothers or TobyMac. I asked why Jonas Bros. and she brought out a Clubhouse and flipped to the "High Voltage" article that featured a question about the group. She told me that the magazine didn't think that the J.Bros. latest CD was all that great, but that their older CD's were worth a listen. I was skeptical, as I am with all boy bands, having had a memorable, if not short crush on NKOTB, before I discovered a more discriminating taste, but I said sure we'll give them a try. To my surprise, they weren't too bad, as far as boy bands go. One song in particular we both really enjoyed. It was fun to share this discovery with her. Best of all, is knowing that she feels that I am willing to give things that are important to her a chance before dismissing them.

I think that some great groundwork for our future relationship was laid today. And that in my opinion is one more huge positive for continuing our homeschooling adventure.


The Momma Chronicles said...

Amen, and amen.

Chelle said...

C'mon...you know it's a matter of time before you and she have your very own Paula Abdul moment :-) Althought, that really was volume related...not so much artist related :-)

Sarahendipity said...

This is so great! It is very encouraging to me as a mom of 2 girlies. We have waged that battle with other moms. I was questioned about why I wouldn't let my oldest wear, listen and watch HS Musical and the likes...hmmm. It is called HS Musical NOT Preschool or First Grade Musical is it?? UGH! What age does the Clubhouse magazine start at? I want to be prepared when that stage hits our house. :)

Castle Diaries said...

Sarah-It is for ages 8-12, but there is a Jr. version for ages 4-8 that #2 gets, that is good too. FocusOnTheFamily.com/magazines is where you can get subscriptions--great Christmas idea for grandparents. (;) ;))