Saturday, May 09, 2009

Princess #1 is 9!!

Well, she's one year closer to the double digits. Pretty crazy for me to wrap my mind around. In a lot of ways, I still feel like her baby-hood was just the other day, and then I catch a glimpse of her and the girl-woman she is becoming and it makes my heart stop! It's too fast, I'm not ready!

It's been an interesting year for her. She has loved the fact that she is a big sister. Again. And she really is a tremendous help with the Prince. She prefers to be the boss (shocker!) and control the way the scenarios are being played, but she can also be really sweet and play along with those pesky little sisters too. Her school year has been challenging for her. No longer can she whip school out to the Queen's satisfaction in the time it used to take her and that has frustrated her. But she has hung in there and is doing well!

I'm proud of her. She is beginning to blossom into a young lady that is pleasant and fun to be around. She remains very empathetic to those around her, loves to make gifts and cards for anyone she can, and is willing to help out wherever she can. I'm so glad that she is my daughter.

Happy 9th Princess! We love you.


Bird said...

And she got a haircut!

Castle Diaries said...

And how!