Tuesday, October 28, 2008

She's Got the Magic

One of the standing jokes at our castle has to do with our girls' growth. If the king or queen happen to notice ankles or wrists or behinds poking out of the ends of clothing we tell the offender to stop growing. We tell them we don't allow it and they had better stop it (you know, in a very serious tone). The girls' think that this is great fun and take great pride in showing off the ankles, wrists, and behinds, just to play the game.

Recently Princess #3 has a new take on the game. As I was tucking her into bed one night last week, I couldn't get over how long she was in bed-seriously long. So I told her that she better stop growing or she was going to run out of bed. After she got done giggling she told me that she couldn't stop because of the "magic". So I bit.

Queen: What magic?

Princess #3: God's magic. I have it in me and it makes me grow. I tried asking Him to take the magic out, but He doesn't want to.

Queen: Oh, why doesn't He want to take it out?

Princess #3: Because you only have the magic when you're little to make you get big like Mama.

Queen: What happens to the magic once you're big like Mama?

Princess #3: God takes it out when you're done. And that is all I know right now.


The Momma Chronicles said...

*sigh* What a sweet memory. Those bedtime talks only get better as your girls get older. I cherish those times with Ashley, can't wait for your girls to be 16! I don't know *how* it gets more wonderful, but it does.

Sweet little #3!

LaughterThoughts said...

That is too cute!