Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bribing Myself

So I hate ironing. It is a loathsome chore to me. I will usually let the items that need to be ironed sit until I have at least an hour's worth of work, you know to make my time worthwhile, it's not like I'm procrastinating or anything. Uh-huh.

Well, today we had nice cooler weather, good sewing weather I thought to myself during school. However, my mom and I have the same deal, no sewing til the ironing is done. So once school let out I attacked the pile. Got the ironing done, the knitting blocked and even a bit of sewing done. Nothing like a little bribery to get a detested job done!

(Note for Friberg girls: I even did it without a stash of green m&m's and pretzel sticks!!)


LaughterThoughts said...

If you hadn't already figured it out by my wrinkled clothes, I iron like twice a year... for the M.D.'s work Christmas dinner and my occasional wardrobe emergency!:)

Jordan said...

oh man I totally agree! I HATE ironing. But I did sew all day :) This nice cool weather is just so perfect for it!

Anonymous said...

sounds like the ironing left you.. . .in bit of a Jam? wink wink.

The Momma Chronicles said...

Ironing? Um, isn't that what the dryer is for? Color me flummoxed. ;-)