Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Princess #1 is 8!

Old news I know, but thought I'd finally get some pictures posted. No she didn't get the present of her dreams (see a couple posts down, I'm too lazy to link), but she did have lots of fun opening her gifts. Birthday lunch was drumsticks, rainbow jello (of course) and root beer, followed by a teddy bear shaped cake.

It's hard to believe that she is the same baby that I used to read the weekly menu/grocery list to in order for her to fall asleep. Or that she is the same toddler telling us all about her "betty bullon" (belly button). Or the same little girl who wanted to be called "beach girl" the entire time on a trip to the OR coast. Now she is so self-suffcient. She likes having the freedom to get herself to bed on time and she likes to ride her bike solo up to her "sniffing spot". She had a speaking part in her latest KIX program for pete's sake! Who is this GIRL?!?

Some things haven't changed, she loves to talk. She loves to cuddle at bedtime. She loves to plan her future-currently it involves living in her own house with her own pets so she won't be lonely (a future cat lady?) and being a missionary. I love that she dreams big. I love that she writes me secret notes and then tells me where to find them so I won't miss them. I love that she loves the Lord with all her heart and wants to find ways she can serve Him (Mama, holding Mrs. U's baby at MOPS was showing Jesus right? Oh yes honey!!).

Anyway, Happy 8th Birthday Princess!!

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Chelle said...

Remember how cute she was at my her oh so tiny matching dress. Was she quite possibly the youngest bridesmaid ever? :-)