Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It Was a Simple Question

Princess #1's 8th b-day is around the corner. Literally. We're stumped and this is all the help we're getting.

Queen: "So what do you want the most for your birthday?"

Princess #1: "A new baby brother or sister."

Queen: (thinking: Awww, that's so sweet.) Says "Go tell Daddy and see what he says."

A few minutes later . . .

Princess #1: "Mama, Daddy says we don't have enough time for me to get a new sibling before my birthday."

Queen: "Valid point. What else do you want?" (Silently thinking, we dodged that bullet. That time.)


LaughterThoughts said...

Maybe she's planning ahead for her next birthday... the timing's pretty good for that!:)

Princess Diaries said...

Very funny, I had that very same thought. The king didn't laugh thogh! :)