Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bless the Fates

So I hate the door to door salespeople that always seem to come right at nap time, school time, mealtime, or any other time that is inconvenient--and then they won't leave unless you're rude and then they have the audacity to be angry and put-out by your rudeness. Backing off the soap-box now.

So, today we're finishing up school and since I had heard the mail-lady a few minutes earlier, I told the girls I was heading out to collect the mail. I open the door just as one of the previously described salesman was about to knock, scaring the pants off of him and jumper off of me! I squawked, not only because of his unexpected presence, but also because at that same moment a huge "Gloria"* spider decided to descend right in front of me. I shut the door and whipped off my shoe and took care of the little pest. Meanwhile, I can hear the big pest gasping and laughing maniacally in my front yard. I opened the door and watched him try to catch his breath. He told me he had never been so scared in his life. (Yes, I have that affect on people--handy huh??) He then left with just handing me a brochure and not the sales pitch!! Hooray!

*Gloria was a pet spider I had from waaaaay back. One of those big black fuzzy ones with the white spots on their back. I kept her alive for a really long time (even caught live flies to sustain her), and then left her jar in the sun while on a trip to McD's and effectively baked her. Horrific then that I was a spider-murderer, horrific now that I actually had a pet spider. How's that for TMI??


LaughterThoughts said...

so that's how you scare off the peace-disturbers, eh? just let out a squawk and slam the door... i'll have to try it out!:)

and, ditto. how many different ways do you have to say GO AWAY for them to take the hint... and no matter what, they're always offended.

Linnea said...

I think I've only had The Witnesses stop by--they don't get the hint either--but people in MN probably don't want to sell stuff door-to-door b/c of the weather. :)