Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Remodeling Phase I

Well, just about the minute we got back from MN, the kitchen project began! YEAH!

As most of you know this has been a long time coming. For about 18 months actually. It all started with the dishwasher leaking and then the subsequent removal of the leaky dishwasher only to discover that this leak was no stranger to our house. Then we knew we'd have to replace the pretty pretty Pergo that we installed after we bought this house 6 years ago. Heavy sigh. Then we thought, why don't we just remodel the kitchen's floorplan, upgrade the cabinets, and make the kitchen how we'd like it. And that was 18 months ago.

Phase I has involved the disgusting chore of tearing out rotten sub-floor, replacing that, and taking out old cabinetry and replacing it bit by bit. An hour after work here and there and heavy on the weekend. Thankfully my dad came over this weekend and helped us out or we're pretty sure we'd still have a gaping hole in the center of the kitchen. Enjoy the pictures . . .


LaughterThoughts said...

i can't get the slide show to load... i'll have to come back and check again later!

LaughterThoughts said...

it worked for me this time... yay! so exciting!:)