Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bike Rides and Scream Fests (and not necessarily in that order)

Now that Princess #1 has mastered solo-riding, I got the bright idea that we should institute a daily bike ride, and do it first thing, so that it didn't get swept under the rug with every other good intention that I have.

So yesterday was our first day of trying it out, and of course when Princess #2 discovered that she would have to ride in the bike trailer rather than pedaling, she flipped. So while she was in the house having her fit and carrying on about the "stupid bike ride" and "stupid exercise", I was trying to hitch up the trailer to my bike. During the hitching process, Princess #3 was deceptively calm and excited about the trek. I should have known better than to get my hopes up when Princess #2 recovered from her tirade (after being told she could bring along the entire box of "Littlest Pet Shop" toys to entertain herself), and Princess #3 happily climbed in and let me buckle her. The happiness ended there. She didn't want to be buckled, she didn't want to share the "LPS" toys with her sister, she didn't want to go in the trailer anymore. AWWW!!

After violently opening the trailer opening and fixing the offensive buckle, I almost gave into the screaming and quit. Then I remembered that swimsuit weather is on the horizon and closed the trailer screen, called for Princess #1 and we took off. The ENTIRE trip, Princess #3 yelled and screamed "MOMMY-NO! NO-NO MOMMY! MOMMY STOP!", you get the picture, and it's not pretty. I am pretty sure that if people weren't already up and had a window cracked to let in the fresh morning air, they were rudely awoken. Or if they were enjoying a nice cup of coffee on their patio, their peace was interrupted by my daughter. But, hey, I got my exercise in, and today not a single fuss out of anyone. In fact, as I huffed and puffed into the driveway, Princess #2 asks for another swing around the block and Princess #3 says "yeah!". Go figure.

The Score: Queen: 2 Princess': 0

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My Ice Cream Diary said...

Oh, my. I am laughing so hard and totally in awe of you. I have 4 kids (8 and under) so we are a long way off from doing the family bike rides unless Daddy is there. Plus one of my boys is constantly trying to kill himself, so my heart can't take it.