Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sick of Sick

Let me re-cap the past week for you all. A week ago Sunday we were "ushered" (really ushered, by the head usher!) out of church to rescue our eldest, who had thrown up during Sunday School (thankfully she made it to the bathroom in time). Then I got her stomach bug the next day. Princess #2 started in with a runny nose a day or so later and passed that on to me as well. Saturday she woke up with pink eye. Sunday the youngest and oldest princess' are coughing. Which brings us to today, all four of us blowing noses, coughing and cranky! I am so sick of being and dealing with sick of any kind!!! Thankfully the weather reflects my mood and health (dark and drippy), so I am not feeling frustrated being stuck in the house as well.

Enough of that . . .

On another note, Murphy's Law of sewing has struck again! As I am working on Princess #1's Easter dress yesterday feeling all smug as the first cap sleeve pops perfectly into her dress, wouldn't you know that the second one would not go in for anything. Being swept up with euphoria over the first attempt on the first sleeve being perfect, I neglected to lower my expectations for the second sleeve and Murphy struck. There is one pleat that I cannot get out. I have ripped and resewed twice and then spot-ripped and resewed to no avail and I decided that the sleeve could win this round! Her dress is made from a vintage 1950's pattern and is very cute. I am eager to finish it.

I got Princess #3's dress cut out today and it looks to be a fairly simple pattern. No extra gathering or fussing thank you Lord! It is a duro-style dress and I am excited to get it going. I have purchased three duro-style patterns for myself, I just need motivation to get them sewed up!

However, it's hard to be motivated to sew when the knitting has been going so well. After completing a couple of sweaters, I decided to do some smaller projects and it has been a lot of fun. I've made up some adorable mary jane baby slippers and a teddy bear and am now just about to felt for my first time. I made a little stripey bag to try felting. I'll post some pictures when I get it completed.

So despite the illnesses, I am surviving. Of course with all this sewing and knitting, I mean illness, housework has become non-existent . . . I guess it's the price you pay!

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LaughterThoughts said...

b#2 said p#1 got sick again last night at awana (and, again, made it to the bathroom!):'( (hopefully it wasn't your princess but some other unfortunate sparkie...) b#3 and i had that barfy-blech last week. i woke up with it last wednesday morning, and he got it that night... about 30 minutes before n was heading out the door to take the kids to awana, b#3 walked out of the bathroom and to where i was at the couch, leaned over and threw up in my lap. lovely, i tell ya.
but since i was still sick, n got to clean it all up!:)
fortunately, our bug was short-lived. hopefully yours was/is, too.