Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Snaggletooth No More

A's Christmas list has a new #1: her two front teeth! The first tooth hung in there a LONG time, until finally she let me give it a gentle tug and out it came. (Her poor gums are still in recovery from that one!) And then after eating an apple just a few days later, her second front tooth went from kinda-sorta loose to snaggle tooth! It was hanging in there at the funniest angle, but she wouldn't let us take it out. We were calling her "snaggletooth", "snag", and any other deviations of it that we could come up with. She finally decided on Saturday night that I could help it out--whew.

She looks so cute with them missing. A bit vampire-ish at times, but still cute! Here are some pictures of her and Halloween, if you run your mouse over them you will see captions:


LaughterThoughts said...

we dealt with the dangling snaggle tooth, too. it'd make my stomach turn a little when she'd push on it with her tongue and then it stuck out all twisted and slanted... and she could have it sticking out over her lips when her mouth was closed.

it is cute when they're finally out, though, huh? and then the big adult ones grow in and it's kinda funny. :)

Paul and Linnea said...

I think "Clifford's friend" looks an awful like Ilse (no offence), either spacing out or mad. Was the doll she is holding a way to placate her? All in all, very cute!